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How does Absurdle work?

Compared to Wordle, Absurdle allows you to take unlimited guesses, and the overall functionality is quite the opposite of Wordle. So, if you’re wondering how to guess answers in the game, our handy guide has got your back.

It's quite improbable that a player will have a perfect first guess.

It leads you to believe that you are choosing the correct word, but with each guess, Absurdle's internal list of words gets less and smaller, making the game last longer until you choose the correct word.

This procedure is repeated until you checkmate the opponent and are left with just a few letters needed to complete the challenge.

How to find the answer in Absurdle?

The color indications that appear after you type a word are the only method to determine the surprising answer:

The absence of the letter in the word indicates that the color is grey.
If the color is orange, the letter is present in the word but is located incorrectly.
The letter is in the proper spot if the color is green.

Good luck and have fun!


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