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About Wordle Game

Wordle is a daily word game where players have to guess a hidden five-letter words within 6 tries. After each guess, you will receive color hints about the target word.

Every day, internet users are greeted with a new word puzzle that can only be solved — or not! — by following a series of process-of-elimination clues.

You can play Wordle with different letter counts or play Wordle in different languages.

Aim of Wordle

The main objective of the game is to guess the hidden word in six attempts. To find out what letters are in the target word, enter any word from 4 to 11 letters in each line. The letters will be highlighted in three different colours depending on the word you entered.

Color marking:

  • Purple: The letter isn't in the target word at all.
  • Yellow: The letter is in the word but in the wrong spot.
  • Green: The letter is in the word and in the correct spot.

To win you need to completely guess the hidden word (all letters are green).

Instructions to play wordle

1. Enter the first word: To begin, enter any five-letter word to see which letters match the hidden word. You will have six chances to guess the hidden word.

2. Find out what letters are in the hidden word: If any letters are underlined in yellow, it implies that while they are there in the concealed word, they are not exactly where they should be. Any letter in a word that is highlighted in green means that it is exactly where it should be. It is not in the concealed word if the letter stays grey.

3. Try to guess the hidden word: You can now attempt to find the hidden word and win the game if you know a few letters in the correct position (green) and a few letters that are in the word itself (yellow).

Tips for Wordle

  • For Beginners

It will be difficult to get into the game at first. There are so many tiles on the screen that it could be challenging to begin. Just keep in mind that you may always rearrange the tiles or choose a word that is already in alphabetical order if this happens. Your

abilities will advance with practice, and you'll find it easier to learn new words. Wordles are frequently used in visual presentations. They offer a fresh approach to stimulating interest in reading and analyzing books. In addition to using wordles to play with words, you can also use them to learn how to write words, list a tonne of vocabulary terms, or play fun spelling games!

  • For Advanced Players

This game is ideal for experienced players if you're searching for something a little more difficult. Here are some pointers and techniques to assist you go on to the following level:

  • Make your tiles as long as you can by stringing together several letters at once.
  • Join tiles diagonally or horizontally.
  • Make an effort to link related words at once.
  • Keep your work for future reference! You may store and share Wordles with pals.

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