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What is NYTimes Spelling Bee?

The NYTimes Spelling Bee is a type of puzzle that will alter your capacity for word formation with only 7 letters. The players receive additional bonus points if using all seven letters to create the word.

A yellow central letter is surrounded by six grey letters, each of which is covered by a hexagon. Players can quickly connect the hexagonal visual's six-sided body to the honeycomb structure.

The goal is to make as many common words as you can, but each word must have at least four letters, including the one in the middle.

You will receive a score for each accurate word. Additionally, keep in mind that the longer the term, the more points you will receive.

In addition, the NYTimes Spelling Bee adds a "pangram" rule, which gives players more bonus points if they can create a word using all seven letters.

How to play NYTimes Spelling Bee

The name of the popular puzzle is a play on the familiar phrase. It also alludes to the puzzle's hexagonal design. The six-sided body resembles a beehive's honeycomb in shape.

Use the letters from the hive to create words

  • Words must have a minimum of 4 letters.
  • Each word must contain the central letter.
  • Obscure, hyphenated, or proper noun words are not included in our word list.
  • There are multiple uses for each letter.

Gaining points will raise your ranking

  • Words with four letters earn one point apiece.
  • Words with more letters gain one point each.
  • There is at least one "pangram" in each problem that makes use of every letter. These add on seven additional points!


The NYTimes Spelling Bee is one of the best word games that may help you decompress, test the breadth of your vocabulary, sharpen your logical reasoning, and even spark your imagination and creativity. As you unwind with the Spelling Bee puzzle, we hope you are delighted with this article. What number of words can you come up with? Regarding your reading, thank you.


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