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What is Nerdle game? 

This game is the perfect option for you if you enjoy Wordle's potential but are more willing to take on number puzzles. The math-based Wordle clone asks users to solve an entire 8-character calculation in just six hypotheses. Even though there are substantially more components, it is the same as Wordle. Players begin a round of the game with a clear matrix, similar to the statement-based version.

Instructions to play Nerdle game

Enter your own equation: Enter any valid equation at the beginning of the game to start looking for hints. You'll get a total of 6 trials to estimate the solution to the target equation. You may calculate using numbers (0–9) and arithmetic symbols (+––*/=).

Determine the equation's digits and signs: The target equation will be highlighted in yellow if there are any numbers or arithmetic signs that are in the wrong position. If there are exact numbers or signs in the equation, they will be highlighted in green. The absence of certain figures or indications is shown by the equation's grey colour.

Consider resolving the specified equation: To win the game, you must correctly guess the equation (all spots are green). You may easily copy the link and challenge your friends when the game is over and post your score on social media!

Tips to win Nerdle

  • In your most memorable guess, you begin with no cues, therefore gather as much information as you can about the answer in one hypothesis: - Avoid using rehashes and instead use as many unique numbers and images as you can.
  • Now that you've made a guess, keep in mind that a green tile means your number is correctly positioned, a purple tile means it's in the arrangement but in a better spot, and a black tile means it doesn't appear in the answer.
  • Generally speaking, with each hypothesis, you should try to come as close to the conclusion as you can. To do this, try to locate an estimate that preserves the green tiles in the same location, repositions the purple tiles, and avoids reusing the dark tiles. - Present numbers that you haven't yet tried, if it's possible. - In any event, keep an eye out for the possibility of a risky repeated number.
  • Remember to use the math illustrations' "request of activities" Do not forget to determine division and augmentation first. For example, 1+2*3 = 7 because it equals 1+6.
  • It promotes good fortune. Consider buying a lottery ticket if you ever correctly predict anything memorable with a Nerdle!

How to play

Using mouse

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