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Chesstacle is a puzzle game in which players are presented with a chess board and challenged to determine the ideal sequence of moves that leads to a winning position. 

How to play

You must guess a sequence of moves that includes the best opening move, your opponent's best answer, and your winning move to play Chesstacle.
Moves are entered in algebraic notation, which is a standard means of representing chess moves by using letters and numbers to indicate piece placements on the board. "Nf3" indicates moving the knight to f3, whereas "d4" implies moving the pawn to d4.

The game provides feedback by changing the color of the tiles on the board after each guess. Green tiles indicate that a piece is in the correct place, yellow tiles that it is on the correct rank or file but in the wrong square, and red tiles that it is not on the correct rank or file.
The "X" symbol represents a capture, and the "=" symbol represents a pawn promotion, followed by the piece to which the pawn is promoted. "a8=Q" implies to move the pawn on a8 to a queen on a8.

Have fun and good luck!

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