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Duotrigordle is a harder version of Wordle for people who really like word puzzles. Find as many correct words as you can by putting together boards block by block and using color clues.

How to play

1. Start writing the word by typing any random letter. Use the keyboard that appears at the bottom of the grid. For four words, the letter will be shown at the same time.

2: Press the "Enter" button after you've typed 5 letters. Write words on the board again and again. If you guess all of the words on the board, the board will be locked and you can move on to the next one.

3: If you see green tiles, it means you found the right letters and put them where they belong. Yellow tiles mean that the right letters were picked, but they were put in the wrong places. Gray tiles show that these letters don't appear anywhere in the word.

4: If you scroll down, you can see all 32 blocks. You have 37 tries to find as many words as possible.

5: Once you've finished all of the puzzles, you can post the answers online.

Have fun and good luck

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