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An engaging and instructive approach to begin learning Japanese is the Let's Learn Japanese game, which focuses on Hiragana. This game makes learning fun and efficient by combining a variety of mini-games, which aids players in mastering all 46 Hiragana characters and all of their variations and combinations.

How to play

You set out on a quest to learn Hiragana, the core characters of the Japanese language, in the Let's Learn Japanese game. The game is organized into several lessons, each of which centers on a group of Hiragana characters. A range of mini-games that are intended to strengthen knowledge and enhance recall are used to teach you new things. These mini-games feature Hiragana word spelling, matching characters to their sounds, and other engaging educational tasks. You progressively increase your knowledge of Hiragana as you go through the sessions, laying the groundwork for more in-depth Japanese studies.

Game Features

  • The game offers a comprehensive introduction to reading Japanese by covering all 46 Hiragana characters, including all of their variations and combinations.
  • Learning is made interactive and fun with a range of mini-games included in each session that test and reinforce the player's knowledge.
  • The way the game is designed, players can progressively advance in difficulty while honing their talents in little steps.

Have fun and good luck!

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