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Movlie is a version of Wordle where you try to guess the movie of the day from a single screenshot shown each day. You have a total of 6 chances to figure it all out, and the challenge gets easier as more screenshots are shown, as long as you have seen its poster somewhere. The game starts with one picture, and if you guess wrong, you see another picture until you get it right or run out of chances.

How to play

Look at the screenshot, think about the name of the movie, and type the letters you need in the "Search box."

Pick a movie from the list that comes up. Don't forget that you can't type the name of a movie that isn't on the list.

Click on "Submit."

If the guess is right, the text bar will turn green and show the play's statistics.

If your guess is wrong, a picture from the same movie is shown as a hint. Keep doing this until either you win the game or you run out of chances.

Have fun and good luck!

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