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The puppies are ready for some fun! You can work on your decimal conversion skills while playing tug-of-war with your team to beat your puppy friends. By fusing enjoyment and information, it fosters a joyful and effective learning environment. You're getting closer to assisting your side in winning with each question you successfully answer!

How to play

Students all over the world can practice their decimal conversion skills while competing in a virtual tug-of-war with this game. Each player's goal is to convert words into decimal places or vice versa. Precise reactions help their offspring go closer to success, which creates a dynamic and competitive learning environment. The multiplayer function energizes and propels learning by promoting interaction between students and their peers.


  • In multiplayer mode, students can engage in friendly rivalry and a sense of global community by competing against classmates from around the globe.
  • Interactive Learning: The game keeps students interested and motivated while teaching decimal conversions engagingly and enjoyably.
  • Grade-Appropriate Content: The tasks in the game are right for the player's age and level. They also match educational standards. It's designed especially for students in grades four, five, and six.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Players can get better and learn at the same time.

Have fun and good luck!

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