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Quordle Sequence is a new version of Quordle game where players must guess four Quordle words in 10 tries. Only one unsolved word is visible at a time. And you can only unlock the next board when you successfully solve a word. What are you waiting for without challenging yourself?

How to play

Quordle Daily Sequence has special features to make it both more complex and more interesting than ever. A new mode called “sequence” has been added. In this mode, the player must guess the words in the correct order before being able to see any known letters in the following target word.

Enter a five-letter word

To start, enter any five-letter word that comes to your mind. Your guess will then be filled in all of the four 5x10 boards.

Color hints

After each guess, you will get color hints:

The letter will become green if it is in the correct word and place.

The letter will become yellow if it's in the target word but in the wrong position.

The letter will go gray if it's not in the word in any place at all. 

Solve words in sequence

However, unlike the original Quordle game, in this version, you will only receive color hints for the first board at the beginning. You can only continue to solve the next board and receive hints when you successfully solve the first board. And that process will go on until you've solved all of the four boards! 

You must be very focused when playing this game. With only 10 tries, finding all four secret words requires the right strategy.

This is a daily Quordle sequence game and that means there is only one puzzle a day. You must wait until the next day to try a new puzzle! 

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