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If you want to go beyond just having fun, Quordle Unlimited is the game for you. It really tests your language skills, logic, and ability to figure out what words mean. This is the unlimited version of the Quordle game where players can solve different puzzles a day instead of only one puzzle per day.

How to play

Game Goal

In Quordle Unlimited, your objective is to find four different secret words within nine tries. And that's why the game has four 5x9 grids on the board.

The game is different from others like it because it has a unique way of picking words. While in Wordle, players only need to find a single word with limited tries. This game raises the difficulty level by making you break four randomly produced words at the same time. This adds an exciting level of depth that makes you want more.

And just like in Wordle, players will receive hints after each guess.

Color tiles

In case you don't know, here's the color tiles and meanings:

Green: Correct letter in the correct spot.

Yellow: Correct letter in the wrong spot.

Gray: Incorrect letter.

Solve as many puzzles a day as you can and show off your vocabulary skills today!

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