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Motus is a TV game show that comes from France. Do you understand what's going on? Motus is the French version of the show Lingo, for those who don't know. Tusmo is a Wordle version that is like all three, but more like Motus. People who know both English and French may have twice as much fun because they can play the game in either language. You can also play the game by yourself, every day, or with other people.

How to play

The rules are easy for people who haven't heard of Tusmo or any of its variations that have recently become popular on the Internet. The goal is to find a word with a certain number of letters by using only the first letter of that word as a clue.

The words to guess are, of course, in French and should be in dictionaries. There will be six chances for each person to find the word. Every idea must begin with the letter of the day. After the first proposal is sent in, colored letters will appear.

The RED letters are in the right places.
The letters YELLOW are in the word, but they are not where they should be.
There are no other letters in the word of the day.

Some people will have figured this out already, but these hints are needed to find the words quickly. Just come up with a solution or use the one that was given to you.

Have fun and good luck!

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