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Zombie Typer is a fun typing game. You must type accurately and quickly to defeat zombies. You have to improve your typing speed and fight zombies.

How to play

In the game Zombie Typer, zombies with text appear on the screen. You need to tap to destroy them. The goal is to type quickly and accurately from the displayed word before the zombie reaches the player. The more difficult the word, the faster the zombie moves. Players receive points for typing each word correctly. Survive the longest. The game ends if a zombie gets close or if time runs out before the player types the right word.

Game Features

Word challenges involve pairing each zombie with a word that players must correctly type to eliminate it.

Becoming more difficult: As the game progresses, zombies increase their speed and words become longer and more complex.

Scores are achieved by accurately written words, motivating players to be both quick and precise.

Time Pressure: Players must type rapidly before the zombies reach them, adding excitement and tension to the game.

Single-Player Emphasis: The game is designed for solo play, allowing players to concentrate on improving their typing skills.

Have fun and good luck!

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