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About Phrazle

A brand-new word game called Phrazle will evaluate players' vocabulary knowledge as well as their linguistic proficiency. Its gameplay is similar to Wordle and Word Hurdle's, however, instead of focusing on 5-letter words, Phrazle does so instead.

All Wordle and Hurdle enthusiasts will find this word puzzle to be a step up in complexity. They must use their language skills to find many words in only six tries rather than just one. Additionally, these are not just words. They must construct a phrase, which might be an idiomatic or a well-known saying.

How to play Phrazle

The objective of this word game, which has the same rules as Wordle or Word Hurdle, is to find a hidden phrase.

As a result, rather than seeing a 5x6 grid of empty cells, you will see them arranged in a sentence so that you can see how many letters each word in the phrase contains. You get six chances in all. Only words from dictionaries are required for each attempt; proper phrases are not required.

The letters will change color after each attempt to give you some hints:

- Green: the letter is correct and in the right position.
- Orange: the word contains that letter but in a different position.
- Purple: the letter is present in the phrase, but not in that word.
- Gray: the phrase does not contain that letter in it.

You must fill in all the words before entering your attempt to check if it is correct or not. 

Good luck!

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